Role: Level Designer/Artist                                                                                 Time: 2 Weeks
Team Size: 5                                                                                                             Engine: Unity
Runic Sequence teaches the fundamentals of object oriented programming through an elemental tower defense system. It was a 2 week rapid prototype created with a randomly assembled team as part of FIEA's Rapid Prototype Production class. Players clicked on towers and, using their spell book, dragged in runes that would run sequences of code (Hence the title).
Level 1 Introduced the simple concept of towers
Level 2 introduced the idea of tower priority based on color
Level 3 introduced the idea of towers working on a faster fire rate and alternating their direction, instead of wasting time locking on

A fixed camera position allowed me to place objects in interesting ways to simulate a full cave. The snake-head entrance and other aspects were made using a small asset kit of models that our environmental artist made.

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