Roles: Producer, Host, and Marketing  Time: 1.5 years Team Size: Varied
Note: Unfortunately Zelda Informer Podcast's online hosting is no longer active. 
The site formerly known as Zelda Informer (That has since been renamed Zelda Dungeon) brought me on to manage and create the site's weekly podcast, ZI Podcast. I was in charge of producing, editing, and hosting the podcast, as well as promoting it across the site's various social media platforms.
The podcast grew into one of the site's most popular features, and in it's peak boasted over 20,000 listeners according to the downloads alone
In its beginnings, the podcast was a completely new project, previous attempts rarely breaking 200 listeners and over 500 on a few occasions. The podcast series I hosted lasted for nearly two years, was the site's most consistent feature.
Poor quality and a kid who had no idea what he was doing. The original episode was filled with pops, noises, weird issues and awkward cuts. AS a whole it is what I would consider to be an embarrassing blemish on my work, but the difference between that episode and the 44th episode only a year later shows my self taught skills in action, clean audio, faster editing work, and better conversation that helped enable an active community of Listeners.
I left the show with interview and networking skills under my belt, a better understanding of game design and over 600,000 total views on the podcast over it's lifetime. 

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