Roles: Developer  Time: 6 Weeks Team Size: 1
Engine: Twinery
The Forest's Entwine was a game developed to work with the Loominary system over a six week period with guidance from Professor Anne Sullivan at UCF. The game was a study of player choices and decision making in the game in order to highlight the potential uses of the Loominary system as well as to explore my own potential in narrative games. 

The game is entirely text based, with music and a persistent background in order to create a tone that will help players make decisions appropriate to the lovecraftian horror environment.

A screenshot of the Loominary system.
A screenshot of the game. The colored text represent options the player can take in the game in order to advance the plot or learn more about the environment.
One of the key points of the design was enforcing color associations. I wanted players to learn what colors of choices meant in the game. For example, red colored options were always selfish choices and would likely lead to quicker breakthroughs in the case at the expense of your reputation in the town. Green options would always gleam new information about the world but at the expense of sanity, a hidden system that could lead to one of the games bad endings. Through these designs I was also able to emulate the heart of lovecraftian characters and allow the player to become one them self.
A screenshot of the game's design web. These are the various paths of progression the player can take between locations during their adventure. Bigger squares represent hub scenes and smaller squares are dialogues that connect them.
The game features over 6 potential endings all relating to player choice. Through its development I was tested in my ability to code and to tell a story. In the end, I believe this solo project was one of my most enjoyed, as it allowed me to push myself as a story teller while allowing me to learn more about the psychology of players and playtesters kind enough to give feedback on their experience

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