Roles: Producer, Character Modeler and Designer  Time: 9 Weeks Team Size: 6
Engine: Unity 5.5

Possessive was one of the first games I developed during my time at UCF, but gave me ample opportunity to explore puzzle design skills that I use to this day.
The game's world was meant to have a haunted house vibe, giving me the chance to play with low lighting and long shadows in order to create a spooky feel while relying on our saturated color palette to keep the game light and fun.
Most of my time on the project was divided between production roles, level design and character creation and animation. Textures were handled by another team member in order to expedite the process and mimic an environment our team might experience in the professional space.
The goal of this project, in the end, was to create an 8 week game that was, in essence: fun. I think we succeeded in that goal, and I learned a lot along the way. I helped create some incredible moments in the game and was able to implement hidden lore around the manor, despite our strained schedule. It's a game I still look back fondly on, as something I'm glad I got to make.

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