Roles: Producer, Designer, 3D Modeler   Time Frame: 12 Weeks   Team Size: 6
Unity 5.6
Paramedics is a party game where you shock your friends and heal a patient to earn points. Through the project I was able to learn about player priorities in objective completion versus competition. Out of the four players at any given time, one would almost always adopt the "healer" mentality as we called it and focus on keeping the patient sustained as long as possible.
The project was made with a low poly theme in order to make the game playable on even low end machines.
Sample Image of some of the documentation I made. An emphasis was on utility, using a color coding system to highlight project phases for short hand reference. Our asset list and cost estimates are on the left side while our schedule and task time investment are on the right.
In order to properly manage the project, I created a Gantt Chart and, along with and Discord, was able to successfully manage and monitor my teams progress from anywhere. The Gantt chart also made it possible for me to keep updated on their success and relay feedback on any scope or production line issues that may be developing.
A low-poly destructible car model I made for the game.
Models like the car were made in several pieces in order to allow them to break apart in game and become throw-able items, while also maintaining ultra-low poly counts. This model was on the higher end with nearly 2,000 polys.

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