I love to create content, to make games, and to see people play through those experiences. I constantly explore a variety of mediums in order to express that passion.
Among those mediums, I've been a moderately successful podcaster for the site Zelda Informer (since renamed Zelda Dungeon), where I was able to interview some incredible developers, including Shovel Knight's Nick Woz, entertainers such as Matthew Patrick, known for his series GameTheory,  and many others over the podcast's 2 year history. I even represented the site at E3 in 2014. I left the site Spring of 2015.
 I started two new projects in mid 2017, a D&D 5E Podcast in which I take three of my friends through a campaign of my own design. I began working at Launchsite, Orange Technical College's game design program, as a design intern in their VR lab. In August, I gained approval to begin the design process of what would become the STEM Mars Escape Room, featured at Otronicon 2018. That fall, I also worked with one of my professors on a solo project, The Forest's Entwine to create a game designed for the Loominary System, a game system that uses real looms of yarn that allow players to make choices in game. It features a series of choices that the player can make in a Chthonian style text adventure. The game was made with the online Twinery engine to work easier with the Loom, hence the name's mild pun.
In fall of 2017, I also began to focus on my own affiliated Twitch stream where I play a variety of games, including Overwatch (I ran two separate teams for the game, one collegiate and one path to pro) as well as ran a discord for each of those separate ventures. 

Currently I'm exploring the field of Game Design as I work on projects and continue to build my streaming community.
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